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Joe's Salmon Lodge has been in operation since 1985.​

Joe's Salmon Lodge is unlike any other fishing destination on the coast. We allow you to come and be yourself and have the time of your life while catching the kind of amazing fish that can only be found here. Book a trip with us this summer and see why our guests keep returning year after year. Come and join the Joe's Salmon Lodge family and experience the kind of fishing and laughter that only happens one place on earth. Only at Joe's.


Hakai Pass is a magical place located on the central coast of British Columbia. This hidden oasis was discovered as a stomping ground for massive Chinook Salmon, legendary coho and unbelievable amounts of bottom fish. The lodge was started by Joe Vohlidka in 1985 and the secret soon got out about the beauty and the bounty of Hakai Pass.


Starting as a deckhand in 1987 co-owner Doug Stuffco has loved the lodge ever since. Since becoming an owner he has been filling the lodge with loyal guests, new friends and avid anglers. You will arrive at Joe's Salmon Lodge as a guest and by the time you leave you will be life long friends.


Co-Owner Carl Rosenau fell in love with Joe's Salmon Lodge after fishing for half an hour at the Gap, an amazingly scenic and fish filled location near the lodge. He and his wife Grace can be seen entertaining guests out on the water or up in the bar with their kind and embracing presence and contagious laughter.



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